• Remote visual indicator for surge protective devices (SPDs)
  • Easy installation
  • For installation in switchgear doors
  • Low energy consumption due to current-saving LEDs
  • Supplied by two AA batteries
  • Easy battery replacement without opening the switchgear door
  • Wire breakage detection by connecting the break contact of the remote signalling contact


Visual indicator for surge protective devices installed in switchgear cabinets.

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Cikkszám 910200 DPAN L

GTIN 4013364144019, Vámtarifa szám: 85389091, Bruttó súly: 170.00 g, PU: 1.00 db.


További információ

DPAN L visual remote indication
Visual remote indicator with current-saving LEDs
for surge protective devices (SPDs)
With remote signalling contact
Also suited for alarm signalling of other devices
with floating changeover contact
For installation in switchgear cabinet doors.
Power supply: 2x 1.5 V AA batteries
Degree of protection: IP 40
Mounting dimensions: 92 x 45 mm
Dimensions: 96 x 48 x 75 mm

Gyártó: DEHN
Típus: DPAN L
Cikksz.: 910200
vagy egyenértékű.



Műszaki adatok

Voltage supply 2x 1.5 V lithium batteries, size AA
Operating state / fault indication green LED (flashing) / red LED (flashing)
Flashing frequency 0.1 s on / 1.3 s off
Degree of protection (front / rear side) IP 40 / IP 20
Mounting dimensions 92 x 45 mm
Dimensions 96 x 48 x 75 mm

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